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We believe your project is just as unique as you are and deserves an individualized approach that brings out your authentic vision. Our process includes steps to identify your particular challenges and use design to add meaning and value to your space.

We make it 

Even Simpler Than You Think.


Clearly defining your vision is the first step towards connecting with your audience. 

For many projects, getting started can be the hardest part, the overwhelm of choices, the endless second guessing. SMID is here to streamline the process with expert guidance. We know how to ask the important questions, walk through multiple viewpoints, and sift out challenges so we can solve them collaboratively. 

2 Detailed Design

Using design to establish your identity requires expert attention to details.

Identity is largely an emotional experience that captures a feeling state. In order to connect with your audience through design, identity is translated into tangible materials that create a sensory experience for your audience. SMID knows how to leverage every detail of your space and use it intentionally to bring out your authentic identity. 

3 Design Documentation

Keeping your project organized saves you time and money.

Designing a space is a collaborative process full of questions and lots of decisions along the way. Documentation is an important tool to manage communication between designers, clients, and contractors. SMID provides high quality design documentation to keep all parties in the loop and communication open.

4 Construction & Installation

This is where the magic happens.

After working hard to plan and develop your concept, we turn your ideas into reality. SMID will see your project through to the final product ensuring that the original concept is preserved. We address issues along the way and review drawings and purchases with clients or contractors as needed. 


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Together, we follow a plan that gets it right. It starts with telling your story and ends with a unique space that reflects it.
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Don’t get stuck feeling stressed over how to pull it all together. We have the knowledge and experience with endless resource partners at our fingertips to bring the design to life.
Whether your timeline and budget are already established or your need help defining it, we work with you to see it through.